Anno scolastico 2019/2020

Progetto affettività

Continua il percorso educativo sull’affettività per le classi 5^ della primaria Darfo – Gianico – Pellalepre e tutte le classi della secondaria Darfo – Gianico. Il percorso prevede lavoro in classe con n° 3 incontri e successivo riepilogo ai genitori dei ragazzi suddivisi per fasce d’età.

Laboratorio per genitori

Anche nell’anno  scolastico 2018/2019 è stato attivato un percorso formativo di laboratorio per i genitori. Gli incontri sono suddivisi per fasce d’età dei ragazzi e organizzati tra i territori di Gianico e Darfo. Di seguito tutte le date:

Date incontri laboratorio 2019/2020 (ancora da definire)

Progetto lettura


Respirazione consapevole

Progetto proposto e interamente sostenuto dall’Associazione Genitori Darfo1. Verrà fornito il dettaglio con orari e giornate. Il presente progetto sarà dedicato a tutte le classi della secondaria (1^-2^-3^)  e le classi quinte della primaria per un importo complessivo di € 3.150,00 totalmente in capo all’associazione.


Things to look for before you actually decide on the various sound track treatment products

Things to look for before you actually decide on the various sound track treatment products

Most of the brands and manufacturers in Australia, offer a wide range of digital audio equipment and products that people may buy for the sake of getting a quality sound track or else they may need it to produce high quality sound broadcasting for gaining more exposure and attention from others.

It is always better to analyse the various digital media products in detail, so that you may know the features, the functions and the various effects that you can create with the help of these kinds of equipment.

In case if a person is interested to buy professional microphone, motorised projector screen, home projectors, home cinema, audio equipment, and the various kinds of broadcast solutions or home theatre projectors there are many things that should be looked for when buying any of such things.

These could be: The functions and advantages

No matter if you have bought anything manufactured by Integra or you have the Pro Audio, you should be sure that the functions and the advantages work best for you and you might not have to worry about handling multiple tasks or a variety of tasks.

Make sure you know the functions and their complexity

Understanding the complexity and the level of functions in any of the setup you have is necessary. In most cases things like the digital asset management and other such setups should be understood before you actually start using it. The complexity of the feature may make it hard for you to decide on the quality and performance of the equipment.

To make it sure that your audio job will be done to the perfection you need, you should know how to tackle the equipment and what would be the consequences of not having quality products with you.

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